Frequently Asked Questions

It’s best to spray about 30 minutes prior to lights being turned on for the day.
It’s OK to use a work light while spraying.
It may be stored under proper conditions for approximately six months and remain effective.
Yes, aurAlive can be used to treat walls, floors, ducting, etc.

This is highly recommended when treating an active outbreak.

aurAWash not designed to sanitize your air-conditioning or dehumidifier.

However, you may remove your filters and spray or immerse them to help suppress undesirable elements from being introduced into the growing area.

Yes, the product can be diluted.

See Instuctions for recommended usage.

How often you apply depends on the application.

Please refer to the products page for the different type of Uses.

Yes, aurAWash is a contact product.
To work properly it must be applied directly to the problem area(s).
This may be done as a spray or fog, or by immersion.